Sales & Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product has the ability to deliver an integrated suite of multiple business applications.

Digital Media Marketing & Sales

Our ERP product has every application you need to start and expand your business.


Within our ERP product, users have access to sales and marketing courses. We believe having support for developing skills is a crucial aspect to improving performance, achieving more goals, higher engagement, and community.

Ambassador/Affiliate Program

Whether you are an owner, employee, or have an independent business, you can take advantage of our ERP product to build and expand your business with your own Ambassador/Affiliate Program.

With our ERP product, we help the Health and Wellness Industry expand by utilizing employees as Ambassadors or Affiliates.

Benefits for Employees/Ambassadors/Affiliates

  • Create additional revenue
  • Build and grow long lasting relationships with customers
  • Continued coaching

Benefits for supplement Stores

  • Elevate industry reputation
  • Increase revenue and lower marketing cost
  • Expanded reach through brand Ambassadors/Affiliates