About us

We’re a passionate team and supported by nutrition experts


The Wellness Training Academy (WTA) supports the Health and Wellness Industry in leveraging the powers of digital media for growth.

We know 85% of success is in sales/marketing and the other 15% is in technical knowledge. We help bridge the gap of “business in a box for Health and Wellness Coaches” and “Supplement Stores” by offering an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product.

Our ERP product is software that has the ability to deliver an integrated suite of multiple business applications.

We offer technical knowledge by providing Health and Wellness Certifications through our partnership with The Health Sciences Academy.

With our ERP product, we offer CRM, Digital Media Marketing, Stock Inventory, and Coaching. Ultimately, the WTA provides the tools to grow and develop a successful business within the Health and Wellness Industry.

The WTA offers unique programs designed to achieve effective and longstanding results. Through our ERP product, we help the Health and Wellness Industry grow its business by utilizing employees as Ambassadors or Affiliates.

Whether you are an employee or an independent business, you can take advantage of our ERP product to build and expand your business with your own Ambassador/Affiliate Program.

The WTA strives to make a difference within the Health and Wellness Industry by creating Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, and Goodwill Ambassadors/Affiliates.